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Welcome to Coastal News Media. Coastal News Media is part of the Media Man Group, which includes Eastern Suburbs Media, Bondi Beach Directory, Eco News Media, MBS Media, Greg Tingle Photography, Cafe News Media and Media Man Australia. Coastal News Media was established by Australian media entrepreneur, Greg Tingle.

Coastal News Media compliments the already extensive coverage of ours regarding all things coastal, ocean, sea, beach culture, surf culture etc. There are over 20 websites in the Media Man Group portfolio, so if you have a news story and / or a media / advertising budget to help get a message out, please consider us. This website is still in development, and is far from complete. The website is dynamic in nature and will grow and develop considerably over the next few months. Why not be an earlier supporter of ours : )

Coastal New Media offers news, photography, interviews, as well as publicity and advertising opportunities, and we are big believers in supporting independent media, having worked on both sides of the equation over the past few decades. Coastal News Media was officially launched as a website in June 2021, however the groundwork was done in some fashion decades ago while growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Director, Greg Tingle (that's me) resides in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

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Google Australia function at Bondi Beach

Media conference.

Surfers. Maroubra Beach

Rubik's Cube Surfer. Maroubra Beach Rubik's Cub.

South End of Maroubra Beach

Secret Beach

Bondi Gidget. Photoart by Greg Tingle

Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

Golden Maroubra. Maroubra Beach

Daybreak at Bondi Beach